FemFriday mit Sophie Auster

Heute beantwortet die amerikanische Sängerin Sophie Auster meine Fragen (zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte des FemFridays) auf Englisch.

Sophie Auster wird 1987 als Tochter von Siri Hustvedt und Paul Auster geboren in Brooklyn. Schon mit acht Jahren startet sie ihre Musikausbildung. Es folgen erste kleine Filmrollen.
2006 bringt sie ihr erstes Soloalbum heraus.
Heute erscheint ihre nächste Single Rising Sun aus dem Album Next time.

Hier kommen wir zu den #femfriday-Fragen an Sophie Auster:

How did you become a vocalist?

When I was eight years old I was in my school choir. I loved to sing and I sang loudly above the other children. One day my young and very sweet music teacher went row by row listening to our pitch. She stopped in front of me, hands cupped around her ears, and then pulled me up in front of the class. She then asked me to sing the song on my own. I remember beads of sweat running down my neck as I started to sing. After a long pause, she proudly proclaimed that I would be the choir soloist. Emboldened by this anointment, I began music lessons after school, getting over my stage fright and learning how to sing and  in front of an audience. I was hooked. Every fledging artist needs someone to tell them they are good enough and my third grade teacher did that for me. I thank her for encouraging me and leading me on my path to music. I’ve been singing ever since. 

What moment in your career do you remember particularly well?

 Before I completed my new album, Next Time, (due out April 12th) I recorded a completely different album about three years ago. I was in a hurry to start a new project and hungry to get into the studio. I started work with a producer in New York and recorded twelve songs. We worked very fast, and as we headed towards the middle of the project, I pulled out. I realized, that not only had I rushed the process, but I was unhappy with my songs. I didn’t feel they were strong enough and I didn’t like the direction of the production. It was a big decision to throw away all that work, time, and money. But, I knew that I had to feel 100 percent about the strength of the work. Otherwise I would be very unhappy. Two songs made it onto Next Time with totally different production, but the rest of the songs are in the vault. It was a really important lesson to learn what I didn’t want in order to lead me to what I did. 

Do you have a role model?

My Mother 

What means Fempowerment for you?

Fempowerment for me means embracing who you are and not apologizing for it. 

In which moments of your job would you rather be a man?

Most times I think it would be easier to be a man. You have to be twice as strong in any business when you are a women. But, I think when I’d really appreciate a penis is when I’ve been patronized in meetings because I’m a young woman. It really gets me going! 

What can we women do to change the perception of our gender in jobmarket?

Misogyny is not solely restricted to men. A lot of women are infected by masculine culture and fall into the same anti-woman rhetoric as some men. We are, no doubt, stronger together. If women, and transgender women of all colors, nationalities, could learn to support one another, band together, and fight I think we’d have a much better shot of changing the landscape of how we are treated in the job market. But it needs to be a united front. Only then can change come.  

What would you give young colleagues to take with them on their career?

Learn how to be self-sufficient. No one is forcing you to be an artist and no one cares as much as you do. Learn all aspects of your art and also learn the business. No one tells young fledging artists that you also have to be agent, promoter, manager, and booker all in one. This is what all young artists need to know. You have to push really hard before help comes. 

How important was it for you and your independence to have a working mother who is successful in her job?

I was very lucky to grow up with, not only a good mother, but a superhero mother. When I look back on all the countless hours she spent reading to me, helping me with my homework, and braiding my hair, while also furiously writing her beautiful books, I am awe struck. Her mind, kindness, and talent is an inspiration to me constantly. 

Describe yourself in three words.

Goofy, sensitive, tough. 

Do you have an absolute favorite song, if so, which is it?

So hard! How about my favorite song right now? I think I would say, “If you want me to stay” by Sly and The Family Stone.  

What do you currently read?

I just finished Sanctuary by Faulkner yesterday.

One sentence about #metoo?

I think the #metoo movement has finally given a voice to victims of sexual harassment, both male and female. It is essential that we recognize abuses of power and give victims a voice and platform. #timesup

Hier seht ihr eine der Singleauskopplungen Dance with me

Music Video directed by Spencer Ostrander & Ted King

Im Frühjahr kommt Sophie auf Deutschlandtour. Ihr könnt sie am 5.5. im Strom in München, am 8.5. im Privatclub Berlin oder am 9.5. im Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld/Köln live erleben. Tickets gibts hier.

Ihr Album Next Time wird am 12. April 2019 komplett veröffentlicht.
Wer mehr über Sophie erfahren möchte, der findet sie auf:

Fotos: Spencer Ostrander

Hier könnt ihr das Album Next Time vorbestellen:

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